"What about that weight baby"

When I was growing up in Jamaica, the citizens of my era thought to be fat was to be healthy. My mom would watch over me until I finished eating all my meals. You may deduct from that statement that I was a Picky eater- you would be right. I am not anymore. I love food. I have a Caribbean background and when we party, we usually have an abundant supply of different choices. If you are like me, you may like to partake of a variety of different cultural foods also. Some may be healthy picks, while others are not so healthy. I would love to help our children and their families make healthy food choices. We have to remember that a diet refers to everything we put into our mouth. So when we are considering going on" a diet", we have to rethink and rephrase that. We may need to modify our diets, per needed weight modifications. The best way to modify your diet is with portions or size control. DO NOT DOUBLE SIZE EVERYTHING :-). This is a shout out to those who love Mc Donalds.

Parents remember, when modifying how you prepare and serve your meals, include the whole family. We do not want anyone to feel they are being singled out as "Fat/ Overweight/ Obese", all words I dislike using. We would like our weight challenged children to be healthy children who grow into healthy adults.

Don't forget an hour or move of exercise or increased activity per day, and consuming lots of water is also necessary.

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