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Our Services

Sunflower Pediatrics of Sugar Hill, GA, is staffed by a Pediatric Certified Nurse Practitioner dedicated to the care and well-being of tomorrow's men and women. She treats her patients as her own. Bring us your newborns to your adolescents. Sunflower Peds provides comprehensive care. We offer preventative maintenance to the well and restorative to the ill.

Staffed with certified MAs, we provide in-house labs.

​You can be assured that we are committed to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide. Hablamos Espanol.


Our providers are certified to:

  • Initiate IV fluid therapy for the dehydrated child.

  • Provide Asthma emergent care.

  • Splint fractures

  • Perform inhouse STAT labs, for example, Rapid Strep test, Urinalysis, Heme test.


We offer no in-house pharmacy. Emergency medications are available for the immediate care of our acutely ill patients. Samples may be given free of cost while supplies last.

We welcome Drug Reps who offer pediatric-based medication.


We offer basic wound care.

  • ​Can remove sutures or staples in the office.

  • Perform simple incision and drainage of Abscess inhouse

  • Care for superficial wounds in the office

  • Provide Tetanus vaccine if needed


We love and care for our patients. Our practice will provide comprehensive care and, when needed, will consult with Pediatric Specialties.


Sunflower Pediatrics will aid in preparing children traveling to endemic areas to get ready for their trips medically.

  • Assist with attaining needed vaccines

  • Preventative medications

  • Travel Diarrhea preps

  • CDC instructions


The staff at Sunflower Peds loves Dermatology puzzles. Decoding these mysterious rashes is one of this practice's greatest joys; and when in doubt, we refer out ;) - to qualified Pediatric Dermatologists


The patients of Sunflower peds will be offered basic orthopedic care in our office but, if needed, will be referred to Board Certified Ortho providers from a list of trusted providers or one of insurance or patients' preference.


Our wonderful patients will be sent to CHOA or Northside Forsyth for such procedures if X-rays are needed. These facilities offer gentle care and little radiation to our young patients.

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